Why Do I Have Pain After Root Canal?

Did your root canal procedure bring more pain rather than alleviating it? Generally, endodontic treatment is associated with pain when all it does is eliminate the discomfort. Still, in some cases, patients complain of pain after a root canal. Read this blog to learn what could possibly cause pain and discomfort after a root canal!

How Long Does Root Canal Pain Last?

During the root canal treatment, you are under anesthesia, which means you will not feel any pain due to the numbness. When the anesthesia wears off, though, slight discomfort or residual pain might be present. This is totally normal since the invasive procedure involves working close to the tooth root, which can cause minor discomfort for a few days. You can take over-the-counter medications and consult your endodontist to reduce the pain. Generally, tooth pain after a root canal only lasts three days. If the pain exceeds three days, you will need to visit a dental expert right away.

Possible Causes of Pain After Root Canal

Here are some possible causes of pain after a root canal:

  • Bone Infection
    The endodontist will thoroughly clean your tooth during the treatment, making sure to get rid of the infection. After the root canal, they will use a cap or filling to cover the tooth. Sometimes, bone infection takes place when bacteria manage to reach the bone around the tooth root, leading to painful symptoms.
  • Root Canal Infection
    Another common reason behind pain after the root canal is reinfection. A root canal is meant to eliminate the infection, but you might get reinfection if the filling leaks, which provides bacteria with the opportunity to invade the root canal. Moreover, your saliva might contain bacteria that might invade the tooth, causing pain and other symptoms.
  • The Filling or Crown is Oversized
    It is possible that your filling or dental crown is sitting too high, which disturbs the bite and causes pain. Gutta-percha is a material dentists use after the root canal treatment to fill the tooth, but they might overfill the space. This leads to tooth pain after the root canal.
  • Missed Canal During Treatment
    Your endodontist might miss an infected canal, especially if the procedure is being performed on your molar. The reason behind this is that our teeth consist of several canals, out of which are challenging to spot. As a result, the small pocket of bacteria or a piece of nerve is left unnoticed and sealed within the tooth. You will feel pain and tooth sensitivity, among other indications, if this happens.
  • Damage to the Surrounding Tissue
    Another cause of pain after a root canal is that the tissue surrounding the tooth becomes damaged, particularly if bacteria enter the nearby tissue. In addition, overfilling might harm the tissue. Other than this, the file that is used for cleaning might accidentally poke the tissue below the root tip. Even a single instance can damage the tissue, causing pain after a root canal.

Final Word

A lot of factors can cause pain after a root canal, which can be pretty uncomfortable. Visit your dentist to know why you have pain after a root canal and treat the issue before it gets complicated.

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