Why Do I Have Jaw Pain After Filling? 3 Effective Ways to Eliminate It

One expects to see improved and healthy-looking teeth after dental filling, but what if your
jaw starts hurting? Discomfort, such as jaw pain after filling, is not rare, and it is actually
normal in most cases. Get more information on post-filling jaw pain in this blog!

What to Expect After a Cavity Filling?

When tooth decay advances, it forms pits or holes in your teeth, known as cavities. The
longer you wait to get it treated, the more the cavity will spread. Your dentist might
recommend a dental filling procedure to remove the decayed area and fill in the hole or pit
with the help of filling material.

A dental filling treatment will significantly restore your tooth and repair the damage caused
by advanced tooth decay. With dental fillings, you can expect your problem to go away, but
some level of sensitivity is to be expected; you may even notice inflammation in your gums.
But if you have prolonged pain after filling, it could mean a severe cavity or misaligned bite,
and your dental expert can help. Severe cavities often need a root canal procedure before

Reasons Behind Jaw Pain After a Filling

Tooth sensitivity and slight pain are to be expected after dental work is done, but soreness
or pain in the jaw is not to be taken lightly. You have to keep your mouth open during the
treatment, which could be responsible for a stiff and painful jaw. In addition, it can make it
challenging to open your jaw, which is why it is also called a stuck jaw or jaw lock.

In short, it is normal to have jaw stiffness and pain after filling. But you may need to seek
immediate dental attention if you have jaw pain after filling.

How to Get Rid of Jaw Pain After Filling

Jaw pain after filling tends to resolve on its own if the cause is not serious. Still, here are
some tips to eliminate it faster:

  1. Use Warm Compress: Your jaw pain will significantly reduce if you apply a warm
    compress to the affected area. Do so in regular intervals and notice the changes!
  2. Try Gentle Stretching Exercises: Some gentle stretching exercises for your mouth
    can help relieve jaw pain after filling. Make sure to consult your dentist on effective
  3. Take OTC Pain Medication: The jaw pain after filling eliminates way sooner if you
    take over-the-counter OTC pain medications. Ask your dentist for a recommendation!
    It is possible that the OTC medications may not work. In that case, a muscle relaxant
    might be prescribed.

Closing Word

Pain in the jaw after filling is due to the muscle strain from keeping your mouth open during
the procedure. Visit a dentist to learn why your jaw hurts and get a suitable treatment.

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