Why Didn’t I Get Stitches After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Skipping stitches after wisdom teeth removal? Lucky you. However, if you are worried,” Why didn’t I get stitches after wisdom teeth removal?” then It’s not always necessary to get stitches after the procedure.
If your dentist or oral surgeon thinks your gums can heal up just fine without stitches, then stitches they avoid them. Plus, not having to deal with stitches means less hassle and faster healing.

When Do Dentists Avoid Sutures After Extraction?

There are often 4 major scenarios where your dentist can decide not to stitch your wisdom teeth extraction side:

  1. Fully Erupted Wisdom Tooth
    Removing your wisdom teeth is usually simple if they are fully grown and do not cause any trouble. And when it’s a straightforward removal like that, stitches are not usually necessary. It’s like if you have a tiny cut that doesn’t need a bandage because it will heal on its own.
    When your dentist removes the tooth, there isn’t any extra gum to sew up the spot where it used to be. The gums are already snug around the tooth, so there’s not much they can do to close the gap with stitches. Even if you ask for stitches, it won’t speed up the healing because the gums will just grow back on their own, with or without stitches.
  2. Primary or Secondary Wound Healing Intention
    When a dentist opts for the secondary wound healing intention, they let the wound close naturally without stitches. This is often the case with routine wisdom teeth removal. It takes longer because the body has to fill in the gap left by the tooth on its own.
    On the other hand, healing by primary intention is when they stitch up the wound. This helps it heal faster because they are putting the edges back together, so your body has less work to do. This method is used for cuts and such, where we can bring the wound’s edges closer with stitches.
  3. Slightly Impacted Wisdom Teeth
    If your wisdom teeth are only slightly stuck, stitches might not be needed after removal. The process is the same as taking out a fully grown wisdom tooth. Even if part of the tooth is still under the gums, it’s usually okay to let it heal without stitches. There is insufficient gum to stitch it up, so it’s like letting your body heal naturally.
  4. Tooth Extraction without Gum Flap
    When wisdom teeth are deeply stuck, the dentist has to cut open the gums to get to them. After removing the tooth, they can stitch the gums together because they have already cut into them.
    So, if you didn’t get stitches after getting your wisdom teeth out, it likely means they were mildly stuck, which is good news. It means the procedure was simpler and less of a hassle for you.

Key Takeaway

Though small, tooth extractions can hurt and become infected if not handled carefully. Stitches cover the wound outside, but without stitches, the wound heals naturally. Stitches take time to dry, and without stitches, clots form and heal over time.

Instead of worrying,” Why didn’t I get stitches after wisdom teeth removal?” be grateful that it saved you from the hassle of stitches. Visit Dr. Ravinder Kunwar at Smiles Forever Dentistry for proper dental extractions. Call us at (661) 666-4433 for appointments.


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