What Happens if You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

Just imagine you waking up one morning and deciding that you will not brush your teeth. You may feel this is something not possible, but many adults do so. Now it may be because they forgot to brush their teeth or did not have the time, so whatsoever, but the fact is they do not brush their teeth. Now the question is, what happens if you don’t brush your teeth?

We know there will be damage, but the level of damage will depend on person to person, which can lead to severe consequences. All begins from cavities and tartar leading up to gum disease, which you can very easily avoid.

Remember that brushing and flossing are the initial defense mechanism to save you from any sort of dental health issues. You may miss a day or two, which will not be of much harm, but the longer you miss, the more extensive the damage will be.

Back in the day, brushing was not as easy as today, and people struggled with plaque and bacteria on their teeth. And it was only in the later years when toothbrushes were discovered. But today, with so many options available, it’s difficult to believe that people still do not brush their teeth.

So read below to see how damaging not brushing your teeth can be.

If You Do Not Brush Your Teeth For Three Days?

In most cases, you will not feel much of a difference for some of the first days, but after the third day of not brushing, your teeth will look shiny. The rough spots on the teeth will be filled with plaque, and this buildup is all made of bacteria.

If You Do Not Brush Your Teeth For Seven Days?

After a week, the difference will be noticeable. The plaque would have increased, and your teeth’ surface will be very slippery. You will also see the plaque on the gumlines; there will be a development of smell from your mouth, and all this could be leading to gingivitis.

If You Do Not Brush Your Teeth For Thirty Days?

So now some serious changes are going to happen. You will not start suffering from a basic level of gum disease. And because there is a buildup of plaque on your gumlines, you may see some swelling and redness. This is still not a very critical condition because all this can be reversed with some visits to your dentist for an intensive cleaning session. Once you have undergone deep cleaning, your situation can get better.

If You Do Not Brush Your Teeth For A Whole Year?

So after three hundred and sixty-five days, you are severely damaging your gums and teeth. But the situation differs from person to person. Some do not develop cavities but have severe gum disease, while others may have the opposite situation. But in short, not brushing for a year can push your dental health to boundaries and lead to advanced cavities and disease.

So now you know what happens if you don t brush your teeth, you must start regularly brushing and flossing them. To learn more about ensuring good dental health, visit Smile4Ever Family Dentistry and speak to our specialists. Call us at 281-213-5668 to book your appointment.


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