Root Canal Treatment In Castaic, CA

Severe dental injuries or tooth infections can cause immense pain, which can disrupt your peace of mind. At Smiles Forever Dental, we perform root canal treatment in Castaic, CA, to restore your damaged teeth and prevent the need for extraction. Dr. Kunwar uses effective techniques to minimize pain during this treatment, ensuring a comfortable care experience.

Root Canal

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canals are perhaps one of the most common endodontic treatments that involve the removal of infected pulp tissues. Inside the hard layers of our teeth is an innervated tissue known as the pulp. It contains sensory nerve endings and blood vessels that supply the tooth structure. If it becomes infected, it can cause severe pain and sensitivity.

Fortunately, our Castaic, CA, professionals can address these concerns with root canal therapy. During the procedure, we access the pulp and carefully remove the infected tissues. The tooth is then sealed and restored with a dental crown to protect it against further damage.

Indications for Root Canal Treatment

The need for endodontic therapy may arise due to a dental injury, tooth infection, or severe tooth decay. The most common sign is an intense toothache, but other signs may include:

  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Sharp, throbbing, or persistent pain
  • Swelling in the surrounding gums
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Pus discharge
  • Pain upon biting teeth
  • Facial swelling

These issues may worsen if the underlying problem is left untreated. If you or a family member experiences these symptoms, it is best to consult our dentists for immediate root canal treatment in Castaic, CA.

Questions About Root Canal Treatment In Castaic, CA?

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What To Expect From The Treatment Process?

When you visit our facility with an injured or decayed tooth, we will first assess the tooth and record digital X-rays to determine the extent of damage. If the pulp is involved, our Castaic dentist may suggest root canal therapy to save your natural tooth. Our dentist will start the process by injecting a numbing agent to avoid pain and discomfort during treatment.

Once the tooth is fully numb, we will drill a small opening in its occlusal surface to reach the pulp. Next, we will carefully extract the infected tissues and clean the canals to kill the remaining oral bacteria. Finally, our dentist will seal the root canals and restore the tooth with a crown that covers and protects the tooth structure for a long time.


Why is a root canal needed?

The aim of a root canal is to remove the infected pulp tissues, which can cause painful symptoms. It also saves the tooth from extraction.

Is the treatment painful?

Root canals help relieve pain and discomfort. The procedure does not hurt because we perform it under local anesthesia.

Does a root canal weaken my tooth?

Removing the pulp can weaken the overall tooth structure, but we can reinforce it with durable fillings or dental crowns.


Testimonials From Our Patients

Doctor is friendly and calm and he explained everything to us very clearly. My 6 year old was comfortable and sat patiently throughout the procedure. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this dental office.

Divya Krishna


My wife was looking for a good dentist. She was very pleased with the service and the way her treatment was done at Smiles Forever. I also went for regular exam & cleaning and found the staff and Doctor very professional and caring. Great service.

Douglass Jaramillo


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