Partial Dentures in Castaic, CA

Have you lost a few teeth in your mouth and are looking for a reliable replacement? Our dental specialists at Smiles Forever Dental can help. We provide custom-designed partial dentures in Castaic, CA, for patients who have lost teeth due to tooth decay, dental injuries, or gum disease. Depending on the number of your missing teeth, Dr. Kunwar creates a treatment plan to restore your teeth and smile in a natural-looking way.

Partial Dentures

How Do Partial Dentures Work

When you lose a single tooth or a few more teeth in your oral cavity, they leave unaesthetic gaps in your smile. These gaps can also impact your natural bite as the adjacent teeth begin to shift away from their positions. With our partial dentures in Castaic, CA, we can prevent these issues.

A partial denture is a type of removable denture that replaces a few missing teeth in the oral cavity. It has an acrylic base that resembles the shade of your gums. The base supports a set of acrylic or ceramic teeth that restore the missing teeth gaps.

A partial denture often has small metal clasps that latch onto the adjacent teeth for support. This way, it offers better retention, allowing you to eat and speak more comfortably.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Our customized partial dentures in Castaic, CA, offer many benefits, which include:

  • They replace missing teeth in the oral cavity, improving your smile and oral functions.
  • The treatment process is surgery-free and does not involve any invasive techniques.
  • They allow you to eat your favorite meals more comfortably.
  • They offer a cost-effective and convenient replacement option for missing teeth.
  • These dentures are removable, so you can take them off to clean and brush your remaining teeth.
Questions About Partial Dentures in Castaic, CA?

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What To Expect From The Treatment Process

At your initial consultation at our Castaic, CA, practice, we will evaluate your oral cavity and the number of missing teeth to determine if a partial denture is the right option for you. The process starts with recording your dental impressions, which capture complete details of your upper and lower arches.

These impressions are sent to a dental lab where qualified technicians design your denture according to the given specifications. Once the denture is ready, we will test its fit in your oral cavity, ensuring it rests comfortably over your gums. After some final adjustments, you’ll be ready to walk back home with a fuller smile!


Who needs a partial denture?

You can benefit from a removable partial denture if you have lost one or more of your teeth due to trauma, decay, or gum disease.

How long does it take to get a custom-fit partial denture?

It usually takes two to three appointments to get a custom-fit partial denture at our facility. The overall procedure may take 12 to 14 days.

How to clean a partial denture?

You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the denture surface and rinse it with water. You can also get a denture-cleaning solution for effective cleaning.


Testimonials From Our Patients

Doctor is friendly and calm and he explained everything to us very clearly. My 6 year old was comfortable and sat patiently throughout the procedure. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this dental office.

Divya Krishna


My wife was looking for a good dentist. She was very pleased with the service and the way her treatment was done at Smiles Forever. I also went for regular exam & cleaning and found the staff and Doctor very professional and caring. Great service.

Douglass Jaramillo


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