Dental Fillings in Castaic, CA

If you are in search of a durable solution for decayed, chipped or worn-out teeth, our dentists at Smiles Forever Dental can restore your teeth with dental fillings in Castaic, CA. Dr. Kunwar and his professional team strive to maintain the health and beauty of your natural teeth for as long as possible. These fillings not only offer functional ease but also enhance your smile aesthetics.

Dental Filling

What Is A Dental Filling, And When Do I Need One

A dental filling is an artificial substitute for the natural tooth structure that restores cavities, tooth chips, or other types of tooth damage. Despite our enamel being the strongest structure, it can get damaged due to poor oral hygiene, dental injuries, teeth grinding, or certain oral health issues. If tooth decay or damage is left untreated, it may worsen with time and risk your overall oral health.

For this reason, our dentists provide high-quality dental fillings in Castaic, CA, that address various concerns, including chipped teeth, tooth decay, broken or cracked teeth, worn-out teeth, and root-canal-treated teeth. We also offer the replacement of old metal fillings with aesthetic dental materials that blend seamlessly with the natural appearance of your teeth.

Aesthetic Dental Fillings in Castaic, CA

In the past years, amalgam or silver restorations have been the only solution for restoring teeth. Fortunately, the latest advancements in dentistry have brought more natural-looking alternatives. At our dental practice, we offer tooth-colored dental fillings, which include:

  • Composite: Made of resin, these fillings match perfectly with the natural shade of teeth and offer a seamless finish. They are used to restore various types of tooth damage and cosmetic dental concerns. The treatment process is easy and generally takes a single appointment.
  • Porcelain: This dental material is well-known for its aesthetics as it closely resembles the natural tooth structure. We can restore larger cavities or tooth damage with custom porcelain fillings. They are fabricated in a lab, so the process usually takes two appointments.
Questions About Dental Fillings in Castaic, CA?

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What To Expect When Getting A Dental Filling

The procedure of dental fillings at our Castaic, CA, facility begins with a consultation. Our dentist will perform an oral exam and may take digital X-rays to analyze the extent of damage. With this information, we can determine the best type of filling for your dental needs.

At the start of the procedure, we will trim the decayed part of the tooth and smoothen sharp or broken edges. Our priority is to preserve as much healthy tooth enamel as possible. After preparing your teeth, our dentist will place the desired filling material and sculpt it to restore the natural tooth shape. We will also perform some minor adjustments to ensure that the material blends well with your natural smile.


Will my teeth hurt when getting a dental filling?

We perform the procedure after numbing your teeth, so you will not feel pain or sensitivity during treatment.

Can a dental filling fix a chipped tooth?

Yes, a tooth-colored dental filling can be used to restore the appearance of a chipped tooth.

How should I care for dental fillings?

You need to brush regularly with a soft toothbrush and floss your teeth to prevent plaque deposits. Also, avoid biting hard foods or objects with your restored teeth.


Testimonials From Our Patients

Doctor is friendly and calm and he explained everything to us very clearly. My 6 year old was comfortable and sat patiently throughout the procedure. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this dental office.

Divya Krishna


My wife was looking for a good dentist. She was very pleased with the service and the way her treatment was done at Smiles Forever. I also went for regular exam & cleaning and found the staff and Doctor very professional and caring. Great service.

Douglass Jaramillo


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