How to Prepare For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you nervous for your upcoming wisdom tooth extraction? This is completely normal! While tooth extractions are quick and easy procedures, any oral surgery can be scary for patients. Knowing how to prepare for your wisdom teeth removal will make the process less daunting. Read on to learn how to prepare for your wisdom teeth removal.

Plan Ahead For Your Recovery

During your tooth extraction, your surgeon and their team will do everything possible to keep you comfortable. Therefore, when you prepare for your wisdom tooth removal, you should think about your recovery. During this period, you will be resting at home and in charge of your own care. Make sure you have a comfortable place to rest, as well as plenty of soft and/or liquid meals.

Think About Logistics

After your oral surgery, you will need someone to drive you home. Plan for a ride beforehand to reduce stress in the days before your procedure. You might also want to ask someone to help out with childcare, household chores, or other commitments. This way, you’ll be able to focus on healing.

Learn About Pain Management

Many patients are worried that their recovery will be painful. While you might experience some discomfort, you will be given medications to prevent severe pain. Talk to your oral surgeon about these medications beforehand so you can learn how to take them properly. Also talk about over-the-counter pain medications, too. Some people can take these alongside their prescriptions, whereas other patients cannot. Your surgeon can help you make a pain management plan before your surgery.

Talk With Your Oral Surgeon

Pain management isn’t the only thing your oral surgeon can help you with. They can also explain your procedure so that you better understand what’s happening during the surgery. Plus, establishing a good rapport with your surgeon will help you feel more comfortable with the whole procedure.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you have questions before your surgery, then call your surgeon’s office. They will be able to help you prepare for your procedure and recovery. Ready to learn more about wisdom tooth removal? Click the link above to book an appointment with our team.


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