How to Deal with Throbbing Gum Pain In 10 Easy Ways

Pain and discomfort from sore gums really take the life out of you. The throbbing gum pain is not easy to deal with. It is best to get in touch with your dentist to get to the root cause; however, in the meantime, you can follow these 9 simple hacks to get rid of gum discomfort.

  1. Warm and Cold Patch
    If you are suffering from throbbing gum pain, relief is possible by applying either cold or hot compresses on them. Since both work fine, alternating between the use of both compresses is fine until the pain and swelling go down.
  2. Saltwater Rinse
    Saltwater rinse works like a magic potion for the oral cavity. The salt in water acts as an antibacterial and inhibits bacteria growth, reducing gum pain. However, make sure not to swallow it; swish and spit.
  3. Herbal Paste
    Herbal pastes from cloves can also reduce pain to a great extent. All you need to do is mix the powdered version of cloves in warm water to create a paste.

    Next, gently apply it to your gums and rinse your mouth with water after a few minutes.

  4. Warm Tea Bags
    Warm and soaked tea bags are useful in this condition. Do not use a boiling hot tea bag; let it cool off for a few minutes, and then apply it to the affected gums.

    Please note that not every tea bag will do the magic. Pick the one which has astringent properties, like green tea. Teabags are great for soothing throbbing painful gums.

  5. Tea Tree Essential Oil
    Its natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties are making rounds everywhere. It’s perfect for getting rid of your painful gums.
  6. Turmeric Toothpaste
    Turmeric is another mega-natural ingredient with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to minimize swelling, pain, and gum inflammation.
  7. OTC Pain Killers
    If none of the methods has worked for you until now, why not go for instant pain relief? For this, OTC painkillers work wonders.

    This category includes aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. You can always couple home remedies with OTC painkillers for maximum effect.

  8. DIY Dental Spray
    With the help of the oils mentioned above, you can make a DIY dental spray to use at the time of discomfort for relief.

    Take a clean, new clean spray bottle and add fresh water to it. Now, add around 5 drops of the essential oils of your choice.

    Anti-inflammatory properties are what you are looking for. Therefore, oregano, peppermint, and clove are the best choices.

  9. Oral Anesthetic Gel
    Anesthetics numb the area it is applied to temporarily. You can apply oral anesthetic gels to your gums, available over the counter, to help you with your gum pain.
  10. Manage Nutritional Insufficiency
    It is probably one of the most neglected yet important changes that make a difference in oral health. The best way is to eat healthy to support your gum health from within.

Improve your nutrition by adding calcium, vitamin C, and folic acid into your diet. The absence of these vitamins could be one of the reasons for swollen gums.

You can get Vitamin C from a variety of foods like broccoli, oranges, bell peppers, pineapples, kale, and strawberries.

Moreover, the right amount of calcium is of benefit for your overall oral health. Calcium is abundantly available in dairy items, soy milk, tofu, cereals, sardines, and collard greens.

Other than that, folic acid in your diet via beans, broccoli, lentils, asparagus, and green peas helps maintain gum health.

Final Words

Gum maintenance is crucial for overall oral health. If you are suffering from throbbing gum pain, get in touch with professionals from Smile Forever Dental to learn more about this issue. Dial (661) 666-4433 to get in touch with us.


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