How To Clean Your Mouth Guard In 5 Easy Ways

Teeth grinding at night is not good for your oral cavity health, and that is where mouth guards come in handy. They are made of plastic to fully encapsulate the teeth and stop them from exerting pressure. Since they are worn for a long continuous span, you must know how to clean your mouth guard for its longevity and apt function.

Why Must You Clean Your Mouth Guard?

The ultimate goal is protecting your teeth from extra pressure and cavities. So, mouth guards maintain added force, whereas cleanliness ensures that no other issues like cavities or infection occur because of wearing them.

Cleaning your mouth guard is essential to a dental hygiene routine, so make sure you do it regularly.

Oral flora is a breeding ground for bacteria, and wearing an uncleaned mouth guard can cause serious health problems. Some issues include complications like gum infections, periodontal diseases, bad breath, etc.

Top 5 Methods To Clean and Maintain Your Mouth Guard

The good news is that you can easily clean your mouth guard without fancy items. Chances are very high to find most of the cleaning equipment in your home.

The Simple – Toothbrush and Toothpaste Technique

You brush your teeth every night, right? Why don’t you give your mouth guard a good clean with it too? Brush them the same way you do your teeth. Start with the classic rinse in cool water and then gently brush, followed by pat drying. Make sure to go for soft bristle toothbrushes with nonabrasive toothpaste.

Soap and water

By far, the second easiest option is to rinse your mouth guard with soap and water for a thorough clean. You can use both kinds of soap, antibacterial or dish soap. However, in case you want a deeper cleanse, scrub with a toothbrush in the process.


With its antimicrobial properties, Mouthwash is a safe and effective alternative to washing your mouth guard. You can easily dilute a capful of mouthwash in water and soak your mouth guard in it for about 10 to 30 minutes.

Your mouth guard will get a through-and-through cleanse, plus your breath will be minty fresh!

Ensure your mouthwash is alcohol-free, as brands containing alcohol may stain or damage your mouthguard.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another alternative home-based cleaning method is the use of hydrogen peroxide. The use is simple, too, soak it in a cup of hydrogen peroxide and let it rest for a few hours. This solution will get rid of dirt and stain.

Dental Sanitization Apparatuses

They are more like small-sized, battery-powered, sonic, or ultraviolet light-using equipment to clean your mouth guard within minutes.

They can kill up to 99.9% of the bacteria on them. Dental sanitization devices are a great investment if you plan to wear your mouth guard for a long period of time ahead.

Final Words

Cleaning your mouth guard is easy, and most of the time, your cleaning needs are right there, sitting in your cupboard. If you want to know more about mouth guards and their use or maintenance, feel free to contact experts from Smiles Forever Dental in California. Dial (661) 666-4433 to connect with us.


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