How Much Is Single Tooth Implant Cost with Insurance

Getting a dental implant to replace your missing or decayed tooth is not an expense. It’s an investment. The cost of each implant can vary. Most companies cover about 50% of the total price. Therefore, a single-tooth implant cost with insurance can fall somewhere between $1500-$2000.

How Much Does Insurance Cover for a Single Tooth Implant?

Even if you have insurance, the initial cost might seem high. To replace just one tooth, including everything like the crown, implant, checkups, and surgery, could cost between $3,000 and $4,500. For a full set of permanent teeth, it can range from $20,000 to $45,000.

Your insurance might cover 50% to 80% of the cost, depending on your plan. So, if your surgery costs $4,000 and your plan covers 50%, you might have to pay $2,000 out of pocket. If your plan covers 80%, you might only pay $800.

Typically, insurance covers half the cost, which includes x-rays, consultations, bone grafts, anesthesia, and the implant itself. Before your procedure, it’s important to talk to your insurance company to know what they will cover and how much you will need to pay.

Other Costs Associated with Dental Implant Procedure

Some dentists charge one fixed price that includes all the costs of dental implants, while others charge based on the specific services needed. Following are some additional charges you might see on your bill:

  • Local anesthesia: $35
  • Deep sedation or general anesthesia (every 15 minutes): $262
  • Bone graft to support the implant: $552
  • Connective tissue graft: $1,128
  • Placing the implant in surgery: $2,013
  • Second stage of surgery: $540
  • Crown supported by the implant: $1,511

Some procedures, like bone grafts, are only needed if the disease has badly affected your mouth and jaw. Some dentists charge a fixed fee to cover everything. If you have more concerns regarding your single-tooth implant cost with insurance, you can contact your insurance company.

General Cost of Single Tooth Implant

  • Single Tooth Implant Material Cost
    Dental implants are usually made of titanium or zirconia, so their price can vary. Depending on the material, each implant could cost between $100 and $500.
  • Cost of Abutment and Crown
    When you get dental implants, you will also need an abutment and crown for each implant. This might happen after your jawbone heals. If you get same-day implants, you won’t have to wait weeks for healing.
    Abutments range from $275 to $450 each, while crowns range from $500 to $1,500 each. Prices vary based on crown material, placement, and quantity needed.
  • Single Tooth Dental Implants
    For one tooth, you will need a single-tooth dental implant. The cost depends on each part—implant, abutment, and crown—and factors like tooth extraction or bone graft. Single-tooth implants can range from $1,500 to $6,000 or more.

Final Thought

When you are missing a tooth, your jawbone resorbs with time. However, a single dental implant keeps it healthy and intact. A single tooth implant cost with insurance is about $1500. You should consider it an investment, not an expense.

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