How Many Types of Dentures Are There?

Dentures save your smile by replacing missing teeth. Being one of the most popular and sought-after oral appliances, dentures are now available in many types. From full to partial to implant-supported, there is something for everyone! And, on average, dentures last around 10 years. So, if you’re curious about the various types of dentures, carry on reading this blog!

How Many Types of Dentures Are There?

If you are exploring permanent tooth replacement options, there are many types of dentures you can learn about. By knowing what is available to you, you can make the right decision. Here are the common types of dentures:

  1. Traditional Complete Full Dentures: Traditional dentures are meant to replace both arches of your teeth. Hence, complete dentures sit above the gums without anything anchoring them to the mouth. Usually, traditional dentures are placed within 8 to 12 weeks of teeth extraction.
  2. Partial Dentures: In some cases, the patient still has some remaining teeth and needs a replacement for the lost ones. In these circumstances, partial dentures come to the rescue. A pink-colored base is attached to a metal piece, and both of these help hold the prosthetic in the mouth. One advantage of partial dentures is that they’re removable, which means you will have no trouble taking them out when needed.
  3. Custom Dentures: If you are in search of types of dentures that resemble your natural teeth as closely as possible, why not go for custom dentures? It is quite convenient to tailor the dentures according to your preference. However, they are on the pricey end since the material used to compose custom dentures is expensive.
  4. Immediate Dentures: They are temporary types of dentures placed on the same day as your teeth removal. Immediate dentures remain in your mouth for the first two days; make sure you remove them for cleaning as your dentist suggests.
  5. Implant-Supported Dentures: With implant-supported dentures, your prosthetics stay in place, and you no longer have to worry about your dentures slipping away. Since they use a dental implant to securely support and provide a solid foundation, the dentures are stabilized. In addition, they look natural and are durable as well.
  6. Snap-In Dentures: When you opt for snap-in dentures, you choose stability and convenience. These effective types of dentures have a unique feature: locator attachments embedded into the tissue part of the denture, which snap onto the implants or the locator receptors. Furthermore, just like partial dentures, snap-in dentures are easily removable as well.
  7. Overdentures: Dental implants are sussed to hold the overdentures, which sit on top of the gums on the upper or the lower jaw. Plus, they’re removable prosthetics as well!
  8. Upper Dentures: If your teeth in the upper jaw are missing, you can receive upper dentures.
  9. Economy Dentures: For those looking for a cost-effective solution to their concern of missing teeth, economy dentures are a perfect solution. Since they are a low-cost option, they are generic, meaning they might not be secure or comfortable in your mouth. That’s not all — they do not look natural, AND they require more adhesive.

What Type Of Dentures Are The Best?

It depends on your needs and specific case which type of dentures is the most suitable fit for you. If stability is the primary factor you are looking for, snap-in dentures are the best. On the other hand, custom dentures come on top in terms of color. Therefore, consult your dentist to examine which prosthetic you should opt for.


You have many types of dentures at your disposal; learn more about them and decide which is the most suitable for you. Our Smile Forever Dental team can help! Dial (661) 666-4433 now to get started, or give us a visit at 27947 Sloan Canyon Rd, Castaic, CA 91384, United States.


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