Here Are 3 Ways to Fix Chipped Tooth

Are you looking for treatment options to fix your chipped tooth? You are at the right place. You may have a chipped tooth for multiple reasons; accident, blow to the tooth, opening a package with your teeth, or biting down hard on something. But if you end up with a cracked or broken tooth, your dentist will be able to fix it. Just inform or visit them immediately.

3 Common Ways to Fix a Chipped Tooth

Firstly, consult your dentist after your tooth chips. After you visit them, they might inspect it and fix your chipped tooth by using one of these 3 ways:

1. Filling or Bonding

Your dentist will suggest filling if you have a slightly chipped tooth. However, if the damage has occurred to the front or visible part of the tooth, bonding would be the way to go.
Bonding is a simple procedure. Firstly, your dentist will use a specific gel or liquid to etch the surface of your tooth. Secondly, they will attach the composite to the affected area using an adhesive. Thirdly, they will shape the resin to look like your tooth. And lastly, by using ultraviolet light, your dentist will harden the resin. This way the damage can be fixed.

2. Veneers

Your dentist might suggest using dental veneers to fix your chipped tooth. Dental veneers improve the look and appearance of a worn down or discolored tooth, and they are prepared in labs from resin composite or porcelain material. Moreover, veneers are customized, meaning they are created specifically to meet the needs of your tooth. Finally, these thin, tooth-colored shells are applied to the affected tooth. And just like that, veneers fix the look of your teeth.

3. Dental Crown

Dental crowns or caps cover your entire tooth. Your dentist might suggest using these tooth-colored caps if you have broken a considerable part of your tooth. Firstly, your dentist will make an impression on your tooth to create a mould. And then, they will call you in for a second visit to cement the cap in place. A dental crown is among the three common ways to fix your smile if you have a chipped tooth!


If you want to know how long does it take to fix a chipped tooth? You can find your answer below:

  1. Filling or Bonding: 10-60 Minutes (varies for each case and might take longer for some)
  2. Dental Veneers: Around 3 weeks (2 visits to the dentist)
  3. Dental Crown: 60-90 minutes (same day) 1-2 weeks (traditional 2 visits)

Is Your Question: How to Fix a Chipped Tooth at Home?

You cannot fix your chipped tooth by yourself, and you must visit a dentist for treatments. However, following these tips can help:

  • Rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water.
  • Use a cold compress in case there is swelling.
  • Use dental wax to cover the edged area of your chipped tooth.
  • Do not use your affected tooth to chew while eating.


Fixing a chipped tooth is essential, and there are several ways to do so. If you want a consultation regarding your chipped tooth, contact Smile Forever Dental Clinic at (661) 666-4433 or schedule an appointment on our website.


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