Can Wisdom Teeth Grow Back After Extraction?

Pain, swelling, and even infections are some of the renowned signs of wisdom teeth coming in — which is why it is a huge relief when they are finally removed. But a question might pop into your head: can wisdom teeth grow back? Surely, no one wants to relive the traumatic days of supporting problematic wisdom teeth. In simple words, wisdom teeth cannot grow back once they have been extracted.

While third molars do not grow back, some people may notice supernumerary teeth after wisdom teeth removal. So, what is going on? Continue reading to learn about this phenomenon!

Do You Always Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

No, you do not always need to get the wisdom tooth removed. When the molar grows straight, and your mouth has sufficient space to accommodate it, you will not require any surgery or extraction procedure. If they erupt horizontally, however, they may become impacted or grow horizontally. This may result in the wisdom teeth causing discomfort while it is erupting.

One statement is not correct for all, though. Wisdom teeth for everyone are different — people with bigger jaws and mouths may need them; meanwhile, they can be detrimental for those with narrower jaws. If a wisdom tooth is severely impacted, it will need to be removed. Impacted teeth are not only responsible for painful symptoms, but they can also lead to an infection as well as damage to the surrounding teeth.

So, Can Wisdom Teeth Grow Back?

No, it is not possible for wisdom teeth to grow back once they have been extracted. That does not mean that a person cannot have more wisdom teeth than average.

If someone notices more than four wisdom teeth, they may be dealing with a condition called hyperdontia. Therefore, the feeling of an extra wisdom tooth growing or a presence under your third molar might be a result of hyperdontia, which is a condition when extra teeth grow out of the gums. Whether you have one or multiple new molars growing, the cause is hyperdontia. You can consult your oral surgeon for the extra tooth, and they’ll proceed with the suitable treatment.

Reason Why it Feels Like Your Wisdom Teeth Are Growing Back

You might be panicking if you just had your wisdom tooth extracted, but you notice a new one growing. But it is not the problem tooth returning to haunt you; it’s possible you are dealing with a supernumerary tooth. In the case of supernumerary teeth, one or more additional teeth sprout out of your gums. These extra teeth have no definite location or position, so you may notice a single tooth or even multiple.

Supernumerary teeth might be the ‘wisdom tooth’ you thought was coming back. They can grow at any place; even if there is no space in the gums, they’ll pop out of the periodontal tissue.

Eliminate Your Dental Troubles!

It can be scary to notice a new molar sprouting where your wisdom tooth was removed, but it is just due to hyperdontia. Therefore, instead of being scared, head to your oral surgeon to treat the issue.

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