7 Signs of a Budding Infection after Root Canal Procedure

A root canal is a fairly safe and effective treatment to eliminate bacteria from the infected tooth root and save it from further deterioration. As with any procedure, this one also comes with its set of complications, one of which is germ manifestation. Your mouth may start to show signs of an infection after a root canal procedure in the case. Here are 7 simple signs to watch out for an infection development.

7 Signs of a Budding Infection after Root Canal Process

One of the most common markers is a sensation of pain after getting root canal treatment. However, there may be some other not-so-common signs which are:

Burning Sensation inside the Gums

The infected tooth root (gum) feels warm or hot or more like a burning sensation in that area. If that is the case, please contact your dentist immediately. Burning inside the mouth is a key indicator of infection, whether after getting a root canal or not.


It is more like a general sign of infection in the body rather than after a procedure like a root canal. Fever is a typical response of your immune system when it detects a microbe. A temperature spike over 99.5 °F after a root canal treatment is a telltale sign of an oral infection.

Dental Abscess

An abscess is one of the vivid signs of an infection after one gets a root canal done. Basically, a dental abscess is a pus pocket or pouch formed by bacteria. It is clear and quite visible even to the naked eye. The pus discharge is a mix of your white blood cells and bacterial debris.

Persistent Throbbing Pain

Painful sensation or soreness is understood for a few days after a root canal is done. However, if the pain persists or gets worse with time, it could be a sign of an infection; it spreads from the root tip and goes to the gums and bone. Thus, do visit a dentist if you have persistent pain following a root canal treatment, as it may indicate infection.

Pimple on Gums

The pimple on the gum may be a cyst or an abscess. It flushes fluid, gets smaller in size, and eventually goes away after the treatment. But, in case the pimple on your gums is not shrinking even 7 to10 days after a root canal, it’s an infection or worse – a gum disease.

Increased Fatigue

You may feel down for a while after the treatment. However, persistent fatigue and a feeling of lethargy mean something is not right. The energy levels get normal within some days; if it’s not, then the issue must be resolved.

Pathogens are transported to various parts of your body to affect them negatively. That is the reason you feel exhausted.

Foul Breath and Swollen Gums

A salty taste in the mouth, along with bad breath and swollen gums, screams the presence of infection, whether or not after a root canal treatment. Get a professional’s opinion if you are a regular brusher and bad odor is persistent.

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Every procedure has its set of complications, and so does a root canal. The good news is that dentists can fix this. Do not walk away from getting rid of your infected tooth root. Talk to professionals from Smiles Forever Dentistry at (661) 666-4433 to know more about how to deal with signs of infection and its treatment.


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