5 Possible Reasons Why Your Wisdom Teeth Stitches Are Hanging

It is true that extracting a wisdom tooth is among the most intense dental procedures you will undergo — and to ensure the horrors of wisdom tooth end after the removal, you will have to stick to our dentist’s aftercare instructions.

After the surgery, the dentist will add wisdom teeth stitches in order to prevent a dry socket. This way, the gum hole will close in time, and you can look forward to a safe recovery. However, you may find it a little tiresome to take care of these stitches — the smallest of neglect can result in wisdom teeth stitches hanging from the extraction site.

While it might be tempting to just yank them out, we suggest you don’t give in to the urge. Read this blog to know why this happens and how to deal with the hanging stitches.

Reasons Why Your Wisdom Teeth Stitches Might Be Hanging

Your wisdom teeth stitches are pretty delicate, and many factors can irritate them. Generally, the stitches hang in the mouth when the extraction site is close to healing. But that is not always the case, and your wisdom teeth stitches might be hanging because:

  1. Long Suture
    It is possible that your suture is too long, which results in one end of the thread hanging. You can always contact your dentist to remove it.
  2. The Stitch is Dissolving
    If your wisdom teeth stitches are hanging, chances are that the dentist used dissolvable stitches. When they are about to be dissolved by the gums, dissolvable stitches appear as if they are hanging. Contact your dentist to confirm if this is the case!
  3. You Snagged the Thread While Brushing
    You cannot avoid brushing; it is among the most significant steps in maintaining oral hygiene. However, if you are not careful, the bristles of the toothbrush might end up snagging the thread by accident. As a result, the wisdom teeth stitches will come loose and hang in your mouth — visit your dentist immediately!
  4. Gums Are Pushing Out the Thread
    Soon after wisdom teeth extraction, the gums start their healing process, during which they might push out the stitches. If this is the case, it is an indication that the extraction site has almost recovered.
  5. Loose Stitch
    Many times, the wisdom teeth stitches are loose from the very start, which results in the thread hanging in your mouth. In simple terms, the thread did not stitch as tightly around your gums as it was supposed to, causing it to become loose.

What to Do for Wisdom Teeth Stitches Hanging

First things first: do NOT snag the loose thread. You can, however, try to be extremely cautious while brushing or flossing. Other than this, after consulting your dentist, you can trim the thread. The best move is to visit your dentist or wait out for the stitches to dissolve if they are dissolvable.

What’s Next?

If you have undergone wisdom teeth extraction but find the stitches hanging, it could be because of excess thread, loose stitches, accidental snags while brushing, and more. Talk to a dentist about the proper way to deal with the situation.

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