4 Reasons to Switch to Tooth Colored Fillings

Are your molars filled with dark, metal-colored fillings? A few decades ago, this was the most common way to treat cavities. And while you might not feel like there’s anything wrong with these small pieces of metal, it’s still a good idea to get them replaced. Below, we’ll share 4 great reasons to switch to tooth colored fillings instead.

1- Tooth Colored Fillings are Healthier

Some amalgam (or metal) fillings contain potentially harmful chemicals such as mercury. The amount is small and it is not present in all metal fillings. However, most patients would like to remove any possible risks from their fillings. Tooth colored fillings use a non-toxic composite material that is safe and healthy. While scientists are still researching the possible dangers of amalgam fillings, it might give you peace of mind to get yours replaced anyway.

2- Strengthen Your Teeth

Composite fillings also bond to your tooth, whereas metal fillings simply fit inside the hole caused by your cavity. This means that composite fillings actually strengthen the tooth surface, which is very important if you are fighting decay. Plus, composite does not expand and contract with temperature changes like metal does.

3- Replace Worn-Out Material

While fillings are strong, they don’t last forever. Patients will need to have their fillings replaced every 5-10 years or so in order to keep their mouths healthy. If it’s time for a filling replacement, then you might consider switching from metal to composite. It’s an easy way to get added benefits from a procedure you need to have anyway.

4- Enjoy a More Subtle Look

This is perhaps the most popular feature of composite fillings. Unlike amalgam, these fillings are tooth-colored, which gives them a subtle look. In fact, no one will even be able to see your fillings! Enjoy the added confidence that comes from an all-white smile.

Replace Your Fillings Today!

Tooth colored fillings are quick and easy to install. Plus, your dentist can use this filling appointment to examine your teeth and check your overall oral health. Don’t wait to replace your amalgam fillings! Click the link above to book your appointment online.


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